Saturday, April 28, 2007


Somehow even though it is still early spring I manage to be very busy. Weekends we seem to be filling up with guests, which is great, but even when we don't have guests to take care of there is always a lot to do: catching up on laundry, paperwork, paying bills and PROJECTS. There always seems to be a list of projects. As if just having a business isn't enough, the buildings have to be kept up. Currently on my list:

- Finish a new wall in our rental cottage (sheetrock is up, sanding, trim and painting are still pending)
- Install new grills on the vent fan/light units in the guest bathrooms; the old ones have yellowed beyond acceptability
- Turn on the outside water (keeping my fingers crossed there are no leaks this year)
- Reinstall the pump and filters for the fish pond
- Plant the rest of my spring bulbs
- Work on the text for our new website (watch for the launch in a couple of weeks)
- Order business cards and other office supplies
- Inventory tee shirts and other logo items we sell, reorder if necessary

There's more, but you get the idea. Anyone who thinks owning a B&B would be a nice thing to do when they retire should talk to an innkeeper before they buy. Not that I'd trade it for any other profession right now, but it's real work.

Dove Update: Mama bird hung on longer than I expected, but at some point in the past week she finally abandoned the nest. I don't know if it was due to all the rain or whether another critter got her egg. Add to the list above: remove the remains of the nest from the gutter.

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