Thursday, April 19, 2007


Each spring we, like many people, enjoy the return of many bird species to our little town. One of my favorites is the mourning doves. These plump little birds have a sizeable population here but I never get tired of their soft call or the unique sound they make as they take off.

My husband is not quite as much of a bird lover as I am. He calls the doves "fancy pigeons" and would prefer if they didn't nest on our property. Inevitably, though, one pair will take a liking to one of our structures. Many years it is the gazebo, which offers good cover for the birds as they nest and fledge their young. This year, about two weeks ago, we noticed a pair of birds building a nest in a gutter, right over the downspout. Even I agreed this was not a good thing, but when my husband went up on a ladder to remove the nest he noticed an egg in it. Now he may not be a fan of the birds, but he is soft-hearted and he couldn't bring himself to take the nest down with the egg. There was a fairly large rainstorm in the forcast and he assumed that the nest would get flooded and the birds would abandon it then.

Brave momma bird sat on that nest all through that storm, breast deep in water. She sat through the nor'easter this past weekend and the subsequent days of cold rain. She's still there today. I have no idea if that egg is still viable, but if it doesn't hatch it won't be for lack of maternal attention.

I'll let you know what happens.

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